New Year, New Novel, Free Books!

Greetings readers: Stan Charnofsky here.

I am delighted to communicate with you about the sequel to my novel Charlotte, recently published by Devil’s Party Press.  Devil’s Party Press is beginning a new imprint, Hawkshaw Press, just for murders like the kind Charlotte always seems to encounter.

The imprint will begin by republishing Charlotte in a new, remastered version, and then adding the second book in the series, Accident, in 2021!

Accident is a sad yet uplifting tale about two little girls who believe they see their father across the way and rush into the street to greet him.  Alas, they are struck by a car that seems to speed up as the enter the road–was it an accident, or deliberate? 

Retired, elderly Charlotte Smart is called in by the detectives to help, since she had solved the vicious murder the year prior of a woman in her retirement village.  The tale around the seeming accident paints a portrait of a negligent and alcoholic mother feuding with an absent father, an unreliable stepfather, and a grandmother kept away from her grandchildren.  As in Charlotte, this mystery ends up with an Agatha Christie-style climax where the detectives permit Charlotte to do her magic. 

I loved writing this piece in part because I have such deep love for my own three children and shudder at the thought of anything tragic happening to them.

Luckily for my readers, Charlotte Smart is on the case to show us all that even with sadness and loss, a happy ending can happen!

I love working with the editors at Devil’s Party Press, and now Hawkshaw Press too. Did you know that their books continuously receive awards for content, editing, and design?

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Charlotte or Accident in the new year.

HAWKSHAW PRESS HERE. Hey, flatfoot, why not take a read of Charlotte, being serialized for free on author Stan Charnofsky’s blog?

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